Space Transportation System Laboratory (STL) has derived from the high-enthalpy flow research group of Computational Fluid Dynamics Laboratory. STL has studied computational fluid dynamics (CFD) using in-house codes, well-established software for high-performance computers, open-source software, and code development. In addition to the above, this laboratory also conducts wind tunnel tests using large experimental facilities and conducts joint research with other institutions (JAXA and DLR, etc). Anyone who is interested is welcome to join us.

The regular events in STL are as follows:

Seminar with CFML
In the weekly seminar, students present the progress of research. The seminar is held jointly with CFML. Please check the presentation schedule here.

Laboratory meeting
STL has also weekly meetings to check the progress of each student’s research, share information, and discuss issues. 

Several events are held jointly with CFML. We (CFML and STL members) usually have a welcome party for new students in April, and for internship and international students. In addition, we have a year-end party and a ski trip at the end of the year.