Reentry blackout

Mitigation of Radio-frequency blackout by surface catalysis effect
Radio-frequency blackout is one of the phenomena that cut-off communication between reentry vehicles and the ground station. Its mitigation is demanded. We have focused on the surface catalysis effect for an atmospheric reentry capsule to reduce the electron density in the capsule wake,  which mitigates the RF  blackouts. Numerical demonstrations using high-performance computers and experimental demonstrations using large-scale plasma wind tunnels have been conducted.

Reduction of electron density near an atmospheric reentry capsule without/with surface catalysis

Mitigation of Radio-frequency blackout by air-film effect
We propose a new method to mitigate RF blackouts using the air-film effect, in which cooling gas is injected from the surface to form an insulating layer. Coupled simulation with the high-enthalpy flow and electromagnetic wave propagation indicates that this is effective in blackout mitigation. We currently demonstrate air-film technology using a high-performance computer and a large plasma wind tunnel.

Electron density reduction by air-film

Comparison of electric field magnitude of electromagnetic waves by air-film effect