Inflatable aeroshell

Aerodynamics and aerodynamic heating of inflatable aeroshell
An inflatable reentry vehicle is an innovative technology that uses a light and flexible membrane aeroshell. However, an aeroshell can be significantly deformed by aerodynamic forces. In this case, complicated fluid-structure interactions occur. It is important to accurately predict the aerodynamic heating environment and forces during atmospheric reentry. We developed a new coupled analysis model and addressed the coupling problems of an inflatable reentry vehicle.

With deformation model.           Without deformation model.
Aeroshell deformation and shock waves of inflatable reentry vehicle.

Related paper

  • Yusuke Takahashi, Taiki Koike, Nobuyuki Oshima, Kazuhiko Yamada, “Aerothermodynamic Analysis for Deformed Membrane of Inflatable Aeroshell in Orbital Reentry Mission”, Aerospace Science and Technology, Vol.92, p 858-868, September 2019. DOI: https://