Software used in STL is as follows:

High-enthalpy flow solver: RG-FaSTAR
Based on FaSTAR (JAXA), this software can deal with thermochemical nonequilibrium flows that appear during atmospheric entry by introducing real gas effects such as transport coefficients, thermodynamic properties, and chemical reaction models. In collaboration with space missions and wind tunnel experiments, RG-FaSTAR is used for research and education to study the behavior of high-enthalpy flow around reentry vehicles.

Electromagnetic waves propagation solver in reentry plasma: Arcflow/Arcwave
Arcflow/Arcwave code includes a solver for electromagnetic wave analysis based on the FD2TD method, which can be used in combination with RG-FaSTAR and other solvers for reentry blackout prediction.

Paper related

  •  Yusuke Takahashi, “Advanced validation of CFD-FDTD combined method using highly applicable solver for reentry blackout prediction”, Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, Institute of Physics, Vol.49, No. 1, 2016, 015201 (15pp). DOI: 10.1088/0022-3727/49/1/015201.