We would like to freely share reports regarding our laboratory and research activities. The information is available to the public at the links below:

2023/10/16 Boeing Externship Program 2023 (awarded Champions title)
2023/07/21 RERA-2&-3 launch completed
2023/07/19 EUCASS-CEAS
2023/07/19 Australian balloon experiment
2023/06/28 RERA -2&-3
2023/03/10 Publication Experience in AST journal
2022/12/13 ISAS transonic wind tunnel experiment (R4)
2022/11/09 ISAS arc wind tunnel experiment (R4)
2022/08/08 Special graduate school lecture (2022)
2022/07/04 Balloon experiment: Free flight experiment RERA
2022/05/26 Free flight experiment: RERA
2022/01/31 AIAA SciTech Forum 2022
2021/12/23 Free vibration simulation of Hayabusa-type capsule2021
2021/11/15 ISAS Transonic wind tunnel experiment (uniaxial free vibration test)
2021/10/29 ISAS Transonic wind tunnel experiment 2021
2021/10 /11ISAS Arc wind tunnel experiment
2021/09/18 Participation in the JSME Annual Conference
2021/08/03 Participation in sounding rocket experiment2021
2021/07/19 Participation in Coupled2021